If you want a quick way of working out which team is most likely to be successful in a Premier League match then look no further. Whilst we use a whole range of approaches to predict football matches this is surely the quickest and easiest. The chart is based upon the range of results that occured in Premiership football compared to the odds that Bet 365 offered on the home team.


Put simply, all you need to do is look aloung the horizontal axis and find out where the home teams odds fit and then you'll be able to see quite easily the chances of success for Home, Away and the draw.


The data we used to create this sheet is compiled from the 3040 games up to the end of last season so it should be fairly accurate - it is only an indicator though and you use the predictions it shows at your own risk. You have to remember that even though it might say there's only a 5% chance of something happening, that doesn't mean it won't happen and in fact it does five times out of every hundred.

Fantasy Football Cheatcheet 1 Fantasy Football Cheatsheet 2

Before we explain this download, we must make it extremely clear that this information originated from the excellent website Football-Data.  Their site not only gives you free access to this data for the English Premier league but every other english league and about 10 in other european countries too. We suggest you check it out as soon as possible.


The download, supplied in Excel, holds a huge amount of data about the English Premier League running from 14/08/04 through to 13/05/2012. The data includes results (half time and full time), referees, betting odds, cards, corners,  shots on target, fouls - you name it! You'll also notice in column AC that we've included the overround for each game, the average for your information was 106.4%.


In an effort to ensure that you still visit football data you'll have to go to this page to find the key that explains the column headings.



fantasy football Cheetsheet 3

You'll no doubt have noticed our football prediction page here and be interested in how to use it when you're away from your computer. Well look no further, we've created a look up matrix for you to download. Simply look up the Home teams goal difference in the left column and then match it with the away teams goal difference across the top. This will give you the predicted probabilities of a home win, away win or draw.


This is based again on the sterling work done by Joe at www.football-data.co.uk so make sure you check it out!



Fantasy Football Cheatsheet 1

Fantasy Football Cheatsheet 2

Fantasy Football Cheatsheet 3